Justus Ringelberg (1908-1995), German Violinist, Conductor, and Composer

Justus Ringelberg was the concertmaster of the Wiesbaden Symphony Orchestra from 1933-41 and performed as the solo violinist in the premiere of Heinz Moehn’s Musik für Violine und Orchester (Music for Violin and Orchestra). He was also the concertmaster of the Aachen Symphony Orchestra and the Mannheim National Theatre Orchestra (1955-1973). From 1964-66 he conducted and performed in several productions at the Bayreuth Festival.

Ringelberg was an active chamber musician, touring internationally with the Wiesbaden Kammertrio (Wiesbaden Chamber Trio). In 1955, he founded the Ringelberg Quartet with Fritz Bunge, Willi Kuẞmaul, and Hans Adomeit. With the latter ensemble, he released recordings of works by Johann Ludwig Böhner, Moritz Kässmayer, Karl Komzak, Antonin Razeck, Anton Reicha, Franz Richter, Carl Stamitz, and his own Streichquartett 1988 (this last recording with new quartet members Wolfgang Poigne, Gerd Thusek, and Roselore Poigne-Blendinger) on the RBM label.

As a conductor and soloist, Ringelberg made appearances in Europe and Asia. He recorded his own solo composition Musik aus vier Epochen (Music from Four Eras) along with original cadenzas for violin concerti by Beethoven and Mozart.

Teaching both violin and composition, Ringelberg was associated with the Wiesbaden Conservatory, the Aachen Grenzland School of Music, the Musikhochschule Köln (Cologne University of Music), and the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim (Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts).

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